How To Evaluate Miniature Australian Shepherd Breeders

The miniature Australian Shepherd and the teacup australian shepherd has the same character traits as the regular size Aussie, but it is usually between fourteen and eighteen inches in height. They’re a newer variety of the regular Australian Shepherd, but they are quickly growing in popularity. This dog may be small in size, but it has a big heart.

These very intelligent and athletic dogs are not a cross between an Australian Shepherd and another breed of dog. Instead, they are pure Aussies. The mini Aussie was developed within the late 1960’s by selectively breeding the smallest dogs of each litter. Repeated, continuous breeding of the smallest dogs has produced a consistently small breed that is becoming even further reduced in size to the toy and teacup varieties. They are still Aussies through and through, but just a little smaller.

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 Miniature Australian Shepherd Breeders
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The miniaturizing of this breed was mainly a reply to the need for a herding dog with great behavior, a beautiful coat and a smaller frame that is suited to the smaller living spaces and yards of cities. This may have reduced their stature, but not their energy level. They are still just as active as full sized Aussies.

When you’re seeking a great breeder of miniature Australian Shepherds, you have to be conscious of a number of critical points that make a miniature Aussie a top quality dog. First of all, the minis should have descended from champion regular Australian Shepherd lines. This helps to maintain the excellent bone structure and characteristics of a working dog. To get the best, you have to start with the best.

Also check if the breeder has been testing their dogs for genetic faults. Excellent miniature Aussie breeders try to make keep the quality of the breed high by getting the eyes, hips, elbows, thyroids and patellas of their dogs checked for problems prior to breeding. In addition they will check for MDR1 Drug Sensitivity and have their breeders full evaluations for genetic anomalies.

What exactly is the breeder looking for in you the owner? Excellent Aussie breeders will work hard to find happy, loving homes and appreciative owners for their prized pups. These types of dogs require attention and exercise, so breeders need to make sure that you are able to supply these things before they sell you a puppy.

Mini Aussies are super intelligent and they will invent ways to entertain and exercise themselves if you don’t give them enough attention. They might accomplish this by chewing, barking excessively, escaping or by digging.

Miniature Aussies have a powerful instinct to herd. They have been bred to round up livestock. They are even going to even be attracted to the noise and excitement of people walking around and attempt to herd them by nipping at their heels if you don’t train them properly.

You should ask yourself if you are able to keep your Aussie sufficiently busy so that it can remain out of trouble. You must be committed to giving your new dog daily physical exercise, which includes taking it for walks or playing fetch with a ball for an hour a day. Plus, you need to be prepared to give your Aussie good socialization. Miniature Aussies inherit a powerful guardian instinct and they may grow to be too reserved with strangers if they don’t get enough socialization at a young age.

With the aid of a great breeder, you’ll be able to ensure that you can find a high quality puppy with great breed characteristics as well as the correct temperament for you and your whole family. Mini Aussies really like to keep active and these loyal dogs are an ideal breed for anyone seeking an energetic companion.